Forte Global carries all required licenses and permits for the purchase, import and resale of precious metals from around the world and into one of the world’s second largest markets in Dubai.

The alliance with all governing bodies and agencies led the company to create a fully operating system controlled from the inception of new mining sites through prospecting and exploration to excavating and exporting of all gold from Ghana to the our affiliated refineries in Dubai.

Forte Global represents small-scale mining operations meeting the needs of clients in virtually every sphere of gold mining productivity.

Forte Global offers clear distinct product focused on the production of raw gold dust. The product requires the most comprehensive geological database, innovative interpretation tools, advanced modeling techniques and resource reporting.

Lastly, rehabilitation will perform analysis regarding environmental rehabilitation and land reclamation.

Forte’s gold mining site exploration takes place in Obuasi, Kumasi and Dunkwa areas in Ghana. Our extensive market knowledge and research led to the creation of a unique business model of mining that is based not only on efficiency and reliability but most importantly on ethics. Forte shares the vision and principles to contribute to local communities in order to improve their lives with access to clean water, healthcare and education.

We find gold as a tool to make a change in lives of less fortunate from local villages therefore our priority is to ensure that each project commenced by our company conform the highest humanitarian and ethical standards. Forte Global currently works on one of its latest concession development in Akeyase where exploration process is expected to last until 2019. Our company not only commence prospecting and exploration processes for its own needs; we also have access to multiple concessions which can be sold to potential clients who want to start their own mining activities.

Our company can assist in every step of the “new concession” development including prospecting, geological tests, sampling, equipment supply, logistics, licensing, export and many more. We are also open to enter into joint venture cooperation with potential clients who would like to explore the new world of mining and perform all activities within our company capacities providing reasonable return on their investment in a unique transparent way.


FORTE’s gold trading operations centers on the reliable and efficient purchase of raw gold out of Ghana at a preferred rate and the management of its refinement and ultimate sale at daily LBMA spot pricing in Dubai.

Licensing and Permits

FORTE GLOBAL carries all required licenses and permits for the purchase, import and resale of precious metals from around the world and into one of the world’s second largest markets in Dubai.

Preferred Pricing

Through a substantial capital investment, FORTE has built a strategic alliance with local Ghanaian miners and suppliers by providing needed equipment to upgrade existing fleet of excavators, trommels and other machinery essential to improve mining output capacities. These steps allowed FORTE to secure the privilege of a discount on all of its purchases of raw gold from the suppliers supported by them.

FORTE’s Gold Suppliers

FORTE GLOBAL has allocated its capital into a financial structure which includes equipment and its servicing deliveries, fully equipped, managed and staffed buying centers, local legal and government support, logistic and security support on the ground. Multiple small and medium scale mines have designated their output to FORTE as a result of its investment into their growth as well as due to contributions offered by FORTE to the communities in a way of implementing mobile education hubs “WISE Cubes”

Refinery and End Buyer in Dubai

FORTE GLOBAL has secured an accounts with multiple refineries in UAE like “Emirates Gold D.M.C .C .” and “Kalotis Refinery” in Dubai, the largest gold refinery and buyer in the Middle East as well as with Government accredited refinery in Ghana “Sahara Royal Refinery”


Forte Global provides import, buy and sell services for clients that do not carry necessary licenses required to import precious metals into UAE. Our company is capable and ready to assist in every step of the way to commence the shipments from all over the world into Dubai. Our close cooperation with Dubai customs, shipping companies and refineries led our company to build strong platform allowing our clients to fulfill their needs in most effective and professional manners. Contact us for more information.


  • We are pleased to introduce you to our latest developments and expansion within the Ferro alloys and Minerals industry. Forte Global has opened its minerals division company in 2019 under KBL Smart Solutions and are successfully supplying European clients with Brazilian Manganese ore.

    Meet the Manganese Ore

    Symbol: Mn

    Atomic mass: 54.938044 u

    Electron configuration: [Ar] 3d54s2

    Atomic number: 25

    Melting point: 1,246 °C

    Manganese is a chemical element with the symbol Mn and atomic number 25. It is not found as a free element in nature; it is often found in minerals in combination with iron. Manganese is a transition metal with important industrial alloy uses, particularly in stainless steels

    KBL Smart Solutions is a company strictly dedicated to deliver the highest quality service within commodity supply sector. KBL represents a group of companies under its management in various business segments such as precious metals supply and import, base metals, logistics, fertilizers, ores, bitumen and consultancy.

    Since 2013 our team of dedicated experts has been working extensively to secure partnerships with the best companies throughout the globe. Our group of companies managed to successfully develop a secure minerals supply system, partnered with the most genuine mining groups in Latin America, and our latest development, secured a manganese ore supply from Brazil.

    Six months of work aside with our Brazilian partners led us to the creation of the supply process which our group controls at every stage of completion. Our cooperation with the local miners, officials at the government level, best testing labs and full logistics control provides exceptional security and guarantee of the product as per our client expectations.


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